The Science Behind JuveXO

Over 10 years of research has gone into the creation and perfection of JuveXO, setting the bar high for personalized rejuvenation. After extensive study of numerous stem cell sources, the scientific team behind JuveXO discovered the unmatched potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). Further comparison of colony formation, telomere length, and telomerase activity unveiled the unrivaled potential of Umbilical Lining Stem Cells (ULSCs) when compared to fat- and bone-derived stem cells.

 This compelling discovery of ULSC potential led to incredible heights in innovative medicine. The scientific team behind JuveXO began using these cutting-edge cells to isolate exosomes and secretome for various clinical indications, and along the way, this research evolved into biocosmetic research – hello, JuveXO.

JuveXO’s secretome, which is comprised of exosomes, essential proteins, and growth factors, is derived from the purest, youngest, and most potent ethically sources stem cells. Though it is cellularly derived, JuveXO is a cell-free product.  The cells and technology in JuveXO are currently part of 4 FDA-approved clinical trials for various implications. Read more about the extensive research behind our exosomes.

JuveXO is a leader in biocosmetics, offering a premium exosome product backed by superior science and proven results.

By combining the incredible power of exosomes, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, the secretome in JuveXO offers you more natural-looking and rejuvenated skin and hair. Specifically designed to yield long-lasting effects, most consumers typically receive JuveXO every 18-24 months.

Medical practitioners can best determine optimal frequency and number of JuveXO treatments depending on the patient’s skin’s unique requirements and needs. 

Each vial of JuveXO is created with safety and integrity in mind. JuveXO is triple filtered, characterized, and free of pathogenic viruses. All tissue for the purification of exosomes used in the product have been collected with informed consent and tested according to cGMP standards for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and endotoxins. Our vials have passed rigorous Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT).

The cell line used for JuveXO has been tested and is free of numerous pathogenic viruses, such as Hepatitis, Epstein-Barr Virus, Herpesvirus, COVID19, and much more. Contact us for more details on our safety standards, donor screening, and extensive testing.