JuveXO® Announces Hair Restoration Expert Alan Bauman, MD as New Key Opinion Leader

Jun 6, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that JuveXO® has entered into an exciting partnership with the esteemed top hair restoration expert, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS. Dr. Bauman, an ABHRS board-certified hair restoration physician, brings over 25 years of pioneering experience in innovative hair loss treatments to our team.

As part of this partnership, Dr. Bauman will be clinically evaluating JuveXO H, our premium exosome-based serum designed specifically for hair. 

"As a physician dedicated to advancing hair restoration, I am always on the lookout for cutting-edge products that can make a real difference for my patients," said Dr. Bauman. "JuveXO H represents an exciting step forward in exosome technology, and I am eager to explore its potential benefits through our upcoming Hair Growth Study."

As JuveXO®’s newest partner, Dr. Bauman is embarking on a groundbreaking Hair Growth Study to assess the efficacy of JuveXO® H. This study holds the promise of providing valuable insights into the potential benefits of our product. Learn more about this exciting opportunity or sign up to participate at https://hairgrowthstudy.com/.

Dr. Bauman's expertise and experience in the field of hair restoration and regenerative medicine make him an ideal partner for JuveXO®. We look forward to working closely with him to educate practitioners on the benefits of our secretome technology and how it can help address various hair-related concerns.

This collaboration underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering effective, science-backed haircare solutions that yield tangible results. With Dr. Bauman's extensive experience and expert guidance, we are confident that JuveXO® H will continue grow within the industry of haircare.

About Alan J Bauman, MD, ABHRS

Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS, is a full-time board-certified Hair Restoration Physician who has treated nearly 33,000 patients, performed over 13,000 PRP hair regrowth procedures, and 12,000 hair transplants since starting his medical hair loss practice, Bauman Medical, in 1997 in Boca Raton, FL. Dr. Bauman received his M.D. degree from New York Medical College and surgical residency training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Bauman is one of approximately only 200 physicians worldwide to achieve certification from the esteemed American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), become an accepted member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), and also be recommended by the American Hair Loss Association. Dr. Bauman has achieved the coveted Fellow status within the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), is a frequently invited faculty member at numerous international scientific meetings and live surgery workshops, and has published numerous articles and textbook chapters in the field of hair restoration and hair transplantation. 

Dr. Bauman has a keen interest in Regenerative Medicine, integrating innovative techniques and therapies to enhance hair restoration outcomes and overall patient care.

Dr. Bauman has consistently been shortlisted for numerous Top Hair Transplant Surgeon recognitions and awards worldwide. He has been named #1 Top Hair Restoration Surgeon in North America by Aesthetic Everything for seven years running and named by Forbes one of the “Ten CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America.” As a respected global expert in hair loss and hair restoration and a pioneer of many techniques, technologies, and devices in the field, he has appeared on hundreds of podcasts, as well as feature stories and live interviews in the mass media. In addition to lecturing and consulting worldwide, Dr. Bauman sees patients personally and operates in his nearly 12,000-square-foot stand-alone facility in downtown Boca Raton, FL.  Visit them at Bauman Medical — http://www.baumanmedical.com 

About JuveXO

JuveXO® is a topical serum that has revolutionized aesthetic medicine by harnessing the extraordinary power of exosomes. Through the most cutting-edge biotechnology and decades of research, JuveXO® delivers a non-invasive and non-surgical method to revitalize and rejuvenate the appearance of skin and hair. JuveXO® combines biology and cosmetics to yield younger, more vibrant-looking skin and hair.

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