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A biocosmetic company that produces precision skincare that helps restore your natural beauty at the cellular level.

Pioneering and setting the global standard in biocosmetics by providing diverse and continually innovative skincare products.

Why JuveXO®?

JuveXO® stands as a testament to over a decade of research and innovation. Crafted through a patent-pending technology, JuveXO® harnesses the power of MSC-derived secretome, allowing precise control over the types of proteins released by stem cells. This results in a serum rich in naturally occurring Collagen Types I and III, Elastin, Chondroitin Sulfate, Growth Factors, and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.

Non-invasive and

May enhance the radiance
of your skin

Quick recovery with little
to no downtime

No uncomfortable blood
draws or prep time

May improve clarity and
brightness of skin

May reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other age-related imperfections

May enhance skin tone and reduce
discoloration due to aging

May improve the visible improve the tone and texture of skin

Hair formula may improve texture and appearance of hair and scalp

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Over 10 years of research has gone into the creation and perfection of JuveXO®, setting the bar high for personalized rejuvenation.

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Meet the Team

The collective expertise of our team drives the success of Congela Biocosmetics. We are committed to advancing skincare innovation and setting new standards in the industry.

Brian Pla


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Rafael Gonzalez, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer

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Deborah Nakache

Business Development Manager

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Sylvia Franco

Marketing Director

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Heather Vest

Marketing Manager

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Brian Pla's journey from the finance sector to the forefront of regenerative medicine and biocosmetics illustrates his adept transition and entrepreneurial spirit.
Initially making his mark in finance and co-founding a foreign currency trading firm, Pla's subsequent venture into the medical field was sparked by his personal experience with cell-based therapies. This shift led him to introduce new approaches in precision medicine and cell-based treatments, contributing to advancements in non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures. In 2017, he founded Gentera Centers for Precision Medicine and Plastic Surgery, focusing on personalized care and precision medicine, guiding Gentera to become a recognized name in regenerative medicine.

Furthering his impact, Pla played a pivotal role in creating Eternus Biosciences through his collaboration with TheBioBox, launching the exosome product JuveXO. This product has since gained recognition among physicians globally and is poised for expansion into the retail cosmetic market. His recent appointment as President of Congela Biocosmetics, post-acquisition of JuveXO, reflects his ongoing commitment to advancing biocosmetic products, particularly in the realm of regenerative hair and skin products.

Pla's commitment is also evident in Coral Gables, Florida, where Gentera Center for Precision Medicine offers a new perspective on preventive medicine and cellular therapies. Motivated by his own health journey, Pla advocates for a health-focused lifestyle, emphasizing prevention over treatment. Beyond the US to Rehealth in Cancun MX, where he continues to lead a skilled team that is focused on developing treatments using advanced cell therapies. Pla's role in developing JuveXO and his leadership at Congela Biocosmetics mark him as a significant figure in regenerative medicine and the emerging BioCosmetics sector, blending health and beauty through innovative approaches.
Dr Gonzalez obtained his Ph. D and BS from the University of California, Irvine where he studied, and his thesis addressed interactions of the immune system following spinal cord injury. In addition to his expertise in degenerative disorders involving the spinal cord, he has extensive experience in stem cell culture and biology from various tissue sources.

Dr. Gonzalez has always had a passion to assist those suffering from age related diseases, from bench to bedside (translational therapeutics), and allow them to live a normal life. These pursuits drive Dr. Gonzalez to affordably scale promising developments to the masses. He is responsible for the development of clinical stem cell applications for several disease/trauma states. He leads multiple investigational new drug applications with patented stem cell technology, and also works on the clinical development of immune based therapies using natural killer cells. Through the American Academy of Antiaging, his lectures on age related disorders and the role of the immune system and cell therapeutics to aid in maintaining health are well known. Dr Gonzalez is well published and respected in the regenerative medicine sector for his ability in understanding all aspects of cell-based therapeutics and their clinical applicability.
Deborah Nakache serves as the Business Development Manager for Congela Biocosmetics in Miami, where she oversees and manages all day-to-day operations. Nakache played an instrumental role in developing JuveXO and its brand since the launch of the product in 2018.

Nakache first joined the JuveXO team in August 2018, coordinating and managing all day-to-day activities, sales teams and financials.

Nakache first got her start in the Health Management space in 2013 when she served as an Assistant Manager for a prominent surgeon in Aventura, Florida. She immediately fell in love with the industry and quickly rose through the ranks within the healthcare industry.

Originally from Cannes, France, Nakache is a proud alumnus of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. A self-proclaimed foodie, Nakache spends her free time exploring new restaurants around South Florida with loved ones and traveling the world.
Sylvia, Marketing Director at Congela Biocosmetics, is a seasoned leader with a proven track record spanning the U.S., Latin America, and Europe. With over two decades of experience in Marketing, Business Development, and Strategy Ideation, she excels in driving transformation across diverse sectors. Sylvia’s focus is to solidify Congela’s brand as the leader in cell-derived beauty and launch new products that will undoubtedly transform the aesthetics landscape.

Previously serving as Director of Business Acquisition and Digital Transformation at Abbott Laboratories for the Latin American Region, Sylvia played a pivotal role in shaping strategies for growth. In 2020, she also co-founded a healthcare start-up focused on COVID Testing and spearheaded numerous global partnerships.

Sylvia holds an Executive MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business Management and a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of Miami.
Heather brings years of experience in management, communications, customer service, and organization to Congela Biocosmetics. She has a diverse background in digital marketing, email and newsletter campaigning, networking, and event planning. From her years in management, Heather has developed crucial marketing skills that have driven strategic business growth with tangible results.

Working in the veterinary industry, Heather developed strategic marketing goals across multiple organizations that exponentially increased sales and quality of care. In her years in operations management, she has demonstrated organizational and communication skills that have created and nurtured successful networks.

Heather obtained her Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, as well as her Master in Business Administration from the University of Redlands, where she specialized in marketing and optimized crucial marketing skills.

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My XO Lift was exactly what I needed! I walked out with glowing skin and have definitely seen a noticeable difference in my skin texture and tone.

Los Angeles, CA

I’m thrilled with the results & I feel great – the procedure was simple and virtually pain-free.

David G.
Naples, CA

Anyone who is unhappy with their skin and wants a natural option for skin rejuvenation should look into getting an XO Lift.

Katherin Z.
Los Angeles, CA