Revolutionizing Exosome Delivery: Unveiling JuveXO®-Lyo for Practitioners

Feb 4, 2024

Congela Biocosmetics Launches a Lyophilized Version of Its Exosome Product, JuveXO®.

In a bold move towards redefining exosome delivery, JuveXO® introduces JuveXO®-Lyo, a lyophilized version that promises a paradigm shift in convenience and potency. Dr. RafaelRafael Gonzalez, the pioneering force behind JuveXO®, sheds light on the intricacies of this revolutionary product, outlining its unique benefits and the science behind its transformative capabilities.

The transition from liquid to powder involves a comprehensive exploration to guarantee stability across varying temperatures, making it a versatile solution for practitioners. “First, the benefits of taking the liquid version that has to be stored at specific temperatures and putting it into a powder version is a result of two years of researching and investigating to make sure the product is stable at room temperature and refrigerated,” explained Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, Chief Scientific Officer of Congela Biocosmetics, the parent company for JuveXO®. 

“Second, the product is the same except it contains a stabilizer in it which is proprietary. The good thing about the stabilizer is that it helps bring moisture in.” Highlighting a key aspect, Dr. Gonzalez reveals that this innovative addition not only maintains the integrity of the product but also acts as a moisture-attracting agent. The dual functionality ensures stability and enhanced moisturization upon reconstitution.

Dr. Gonzalez clarifies a crucial point—the equivalence in volume between the liquid and powdered versions. Whether in liquid or reconstituted form, JuveXO®-Lyo maintains consistency per volume. 

The core identity of JuveXO® exosomes remains intact in JuveXO®-Lyo, with a subtle enhancement in moisturizing capability. Dr. Gonzalez characterizes this as a “little tweak,” underscoring the product’s commitment to maintaining the essence of the original while introducing an improvement that aligns with practitioners’ needs.

The logistical advantage of JuveXO®-Lyo focuses on its ease of shipping. The powder format streamlines the shipping process, presenting a practical solution for practitioners who seek efficiency and convenience in product delivery.

Additionally, whether opting for a subtle dilution or aiming for intensified results, JuveXO®-Lyo effortlessly caters to practitioners’ preferences, ensuring an ideal application for optimal outcomes.

In essence, JuveXO®-Lyo stands out as a game-changer in the realm of exosome delivery. Dr. Rafael Gonzalez’s insights offer a glimpse into the extensive research and careful design behind this groundbreaking product. Practitioners now have access to a flexible, stable, and potent solution that seamlessly aligns with their procedural requirements. Embark on the future of exosome delivery with JuveXO®-Lyo—explore transformative advancements by visiting JuveXO®’s official website and staying ahead of the curve. If you’re a practitioner and would like to place an order for our new JuveXO-Lyo visit our store.

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